7 Amazing Tips In Finding Cheap Amsterdam Apartments

Are you planning for a vacation to Amsterdam? Before deciding, there are lots of things to consider like finding cheap apartments in Amsterdam.
Staying in an apartment is cheaper than in a hotel. Choosing Amsterdam than other centre in London and Europe is a good idea and the accommodation is cheap.
Below are 10 tips to consider in renting apartments in Amsterdam. These tips can enlighten yourself and can help you finding an affordable abode while abroad.

1. Ask help from a real estate agent

A real estate agent can help minimize the effort and time in finding the right property suited for your budget and needs. The agent can find the property that you are looking for in a short period of time. You don’t need to worry about the legalities like parking permits, utility subscriptions, insurance, and other things since they will help you deal with it.

2. Find a private landlord

If you want to avoid agencies, it is best to find a property through a private landlord. There are websites that post private properties for rent in Amsterdam. If you search for it thoroughly, in less time you can find one.

3. Find short-term tenancy or affordable room

If you’re a single, a student, or working abroad for a short period of time, a room is the most ideal accommodation option. You can narrow your search on the internet by typing your ideal keyword in the search engine. Once you click “enter”, many housing ideas will come out for you to choose.

4. Study the 3 states of rental to avoid surprises

Once you start looking for apartments in Amsterdam, you will come across multisyllabic terms that you are not familiar of. Even though you cannot pronounce these terms well, do not disregard it. The terms in Dutch furnishing are very important although it’s lengthy. Be familiar with these terms when looking for an accommodation.
The following are 3 ‘states’ of rentals:
• Ongemeubileerd – means “unfurnished”

The property has no finishing, flooring, appliances, appliances, etc. Expect to buy things like curtains, showerhead, lighting fixture and more! Lots of public sector or social housing properties for rent are having these ideas.

• Gestoffeerd – “semi-furnished”

These properties have little furnishing. You need to provide some furnishing to cater your needs.

• Gemeubileerd – “furnished”

This means, the property is ready to occupy and equipped with furniture and appliances.

5. Research a typical housing price before considering a city

Expect that hidden fees are added in the rental especially in some gorgeous cities. Of course, we want to live in a very comfortable accommodation and wide area, however, check first the housing price in the city that you want to consider.

6. Consider other costs

When renting apartments in Amsterdam, prepare for a two months’ rent upon moving in, which covers the first month of the rent and a one month deposit.
Once you move out of the property, the owner will give you a security deposit as long as the rented property is well kept and meets the agreement standard between you and the landlord.

7. Be aware of the tenancy agreement

A rented property either in the private housing or social sector is entitled to a tenancy agreement. This agreement is made between the landlord and the tenant that states the agreed conditions like security of tenure, the length of stay, house rules, service charges, monthly rent, and so on.
The tenancy agreement should be written or oral and can be for a definite or fixed length of time.
Now, you have plenty of ideas to consider when looking for apartments in Amsterdam. Good luck to your new journey.